International Energy Management – Improved

When we meet with large international businesses one of the first questions we ask is – how do you currently manage your energy requirements across your various sites? More often than not, the response is that they use multiple local energy consultants to support their internal staff. Although this approach works, it has many shortcomings. To begin, you are required to identify, vet and implement multiple vendors which is both time and resource intensive. Once the vendors have been selected, you need to coordinate each vendor’s activities. Since competing vendors normally do not willingly cooperate and share data with one another, you will need to consolidate each vendor’s local energy data into a comprehensive international database. Also, as different consultants generally have different views of the markets, it will be difficult to implement a consistent energy procurement strategy. Finally, you run the risk of paying for overlapping services.

Holistic Energy Management

NUS Consulting Group’s global presence allows us to provide large international businesses an alternative solution to solve their energy management requirements. With 19 offices around the world, 350 energy professionals, a state-of-the-art cloud based energy data management system, and eight decades of experience, we can provide you a single integrated energy management and sustainability solution. With us, you only need to vet and implement a single vendor to gain access to all of our local experts around the world. Moreover, you will have access to all of your international energy data using one of the world’s leading cloud-based energy data management systems. Our local offices will coordinate with your local staff and your assigned project manager will coordinate and communicate all international activities to you on a regular basis. Typically, our solution on a total cost of ownership basis is more cost effective and generates greater benefits than the alternative. NUS Consulting has a great deal of experience implementing and managing these types of large complex international projects – with us you get the best of both worlds, a single international solution while retaining all of the benefits of local expertise.