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General Manager
Claudio Enriquez Claudio Enriquez is the General Manager of the NUS Consulting’s Italian office. Claudio earned a degree in accounting and an Executive Master Course in General Management at SDA-Bocconi University in 2006. Since joining NUS Consulting in 1995, Claudio has held a variety of positions including Energy Cost Analyst, Account Manager, and Senior Consultant. In 2004, he was promoted to Group Manager with the responsibility for day-to-day operations, staff management, development of new cost savings areas, and overall client relations. Claudio was promoted to Branch Manager in February 2007, and became General Manager in September 2010.


In 1973, NUS Consulting Group opened the Milan office. Today, the office employs over 25 professionals providing energy consulting services to clients located throughout Italy.

Like all things Italian, deregulation of the energy markets is being accomplished in a unique fashion. In the late 1990s most European countries were opening their energy markets by separating generation, transmission and distribution and creating traded markets. Italy’s first step, however, was to create a law that allowed businesses in similar industries located in adjacent regions to band together and create purchasing consortia that could negotiate supply contracts with available suppliers – typically the incumbents Enel and Edison. In time consortia were created mainly by large association groups for the benefit of their members – these associations charged for the creation and management of the consortia.

Today, Italian electricity markets have evolved and commercial/industrial consumers no longer need to purchase via a consortium but have the option to enter into bilateral contract negotiations with a number of different suppliers and marketers. Although participation in consortia purchasing continues to be significant, the availability of different purchasing structures and a desire to take greater control of pricing volatility has been drawing more consumers into individual supply contracts.

The Italian market is a net importer of electricity – importing approximately 13.5 percent of its annual requirements. This makes it one of the largest net importers on a percentage basis in all of Europe. Moreover, Italy’s local generation consists predominantly of gas, oil and coal, which account for more than 80 percent of the country’s annual production. Consequently, Italian energy prices are extremely volatile and highly correlated to commodities prices and US dollar exchange rates.

The Milan office offers a full range of energy consulting services – procurement, audit, risk management, analysis, on-line data management, research and consulting. Our consulting staff possesses an exceptional level of experience and expertise with regard to structuring and negotiating energy supply agreements. Our staff is focused on working with clients to understand their objectives and risk strategies in order to develop the most cost effective energy purchasing solution. In addition to these services, the Milan office provides specialized local services to its clients including cogeneration studies, solar power studies, and carbon management services.