Climate change is everyone’s responsibility.

Carbon Monitoring Graphic

The release of billions of tons greenhouse gases (GHGs) into our atmosphere is adversely affecting our climate. Roughly 60 percent of all GHGs emitted each year from human activity (predominantly the burning fossil fuels and industrial processes) is carbon dioxide (CO2). In recent years, numerous national and local governments have enacted legislation requiring energy-intensive businesses to monitor and reduce their carbon emissions. Moreover, many forward-thinking businesses have implemented their own sustainability programs as part of their broader Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. NUS understands the importance of this issue and has developed tools and reports to help businesses comply with regulations as well as support their own sustainability goals. NUS’s on-line energy data management system (NUSdirect) converts your electricity, natural gas and other consumed fuels into CO2 emissions equivalent. Our system provides benchmarking, analytical and reporting tools for Scope 1 (direct), Scope 2 (indirect) and Scope 3 (business activities relating to business travel, commuting, etc.) emissions, facilitating compliance with Energy Star, CRC, CDP and other emission monitoring and reporting programs.