NUS Consulting Group is an independent consultancy dedicated to helping commercial and industrial organizations transform their energy management and sustainability processes. While all businesses consume energy, our clients view managing energy costs and its impact on the environment as a priority.

With a staff of over 300 employees located in 19 offices around the world, we work as an integrated team to deliver seamless solutions to our clients. Our clients benefit from our global perspective, experience, and insight. Our goal is to provide a global solution that is delivered by local experts who understand a country's market, regulations, suppliers, and culture.

Delivering value to our clients is our first priority. This is the reason we guard our independence so fiercely. We are not owned or controlled by a utility company or energy equipment supplier. Our clients are not cross-selling opportunities for some other business units within the organization. We provide leading-edge, innovative energy management, and sustainability solutions, adding value to our client's businesses.

We have spent over 80 years building our reputation. During this time, energy markets and client needs have changed. We have too - expanding and transforming our business to meet the needs of our clients. Our leadership has never lost sight of NUS's underlying mission – to solve our client's most difficult energy challenges to improve their operational, financial, and environmental performance.

Whether it is building comprehensive, accurate energy databases, delivering cloud-based energy information systems (EiS), procuring energy, managing energy pricing risk, or achieving net-zero emissions, we can help.