Richard Soultanian

Richard Soultanian Co-President

Richard D. Soultanian is a Co-President of NUS with primary responsibility for day-to-day business operations. He has a B.S. in Mathematics from Bucknell University, a JD from Wake Forest University and a Master’s in Law (taxation) from New York University. Before joining NUS, Richard was a research analyst at Salomon Brothers in New York City, specializing in the petroleum industry. He also practiced international finance and taxation law at a number of large New York law firms. As Co-President of NUS, Richard has made appearances on numerous news shows (Fox, CNBC and Bloomberg), discussing geopolitics, crude oil and energy prices. In his spare time, he is an avid squash player.

Gary Soultanian

Gary J. Soultanian Co-President

Gary J. Soultanian is a Co-President of NUS with primary responsibility for the development and implementation of information technology. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University in 1986, graduating Magna Cum Laude and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Prior to joining NUS in 1992, Gary was employed by GEC Marconi Electronic Systems as a Systems Engineer where he designed specialized radar navigation systems.

Jürgen Pitsch

Jürgen Pitsch General Manager, Germany

Jürgen is the General Manager of NUS Germany – he joined NUS when he was 19 years old in order to gain insight into the global energy markets. A dynamic professional, Jürgen was promoted to Senior Consultant and is recognized as a top performer for NUS, winning first place in the President’s Club 12 years in a row. He has been published in the economic journal “Wirstchaftsforum” (February 2014) and upon an invitation from Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland, delivered a speech on European Energy Price Development. In his spare time, Jürgen plays tennis, swims and enjoys traveling.

Richard Clare

Richard Clare General Manager, UK

At the helm of NUS UK is Richard Clare, a veteran of the energy consulting field with over 20 years of experience. Richard holds a BA in Business Administration and is a member of the Institute of Business Consulting. Richard’s energy experience includes upstream exploration and production, liquid natural gas, refinery gas streams and transmission and distribution networks. Outside of work, Richard compliments his technical background with a passion for Fine and Decorative Arts and Classical Music. After years leading major strategy and acquisition programs at an international energy utility, Richard joined NUS in 2008. In recalling his introduction to NUS, Richard explains, “Following the first interview, I was very impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of the team and also the edge provided by NUS’s web enabled energy dashboard.”

Manuel Da Costa

Manuel Da Costa General Manager, France

As the General Manager of NUS France, Manuel DaCosta offers expertise in several industries. With a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Mathematics, Manuel honed his skills in visualization and design in residential interior decoration. With technical expertise in residential buildings, in 1986 Manuel joined NUS, looking to gain experience in the energy industry. After more than 29 years at NUS, Manuel is expert in France’s energy markets. He served on a panel at the 2012 JTIC conference in Reims, offering his expertise in energy markets. In 2013, Manuel was also published in the Milling and Cereal Industry’s Q1 report on Economics and Markets.

Nicola Baldina

Nicola Baldina General Manager, Italy

Nicola Baldina joined NUS Consulting as General Manager for Italy on March 1st 2018. Prior to joining NUS, Nicola spent 10 years in the energy sector working for a number of companies in the renewables field, and more recently in the consultancy area (previously with Accenture). In the first part of his career Nicola spent more than 15 years in the Telecom business working in a number of Sales & Marketing positions for one of the major companies at that time, Nokia. Nicola holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Green & Renewable Energy. He is a passionate about technology and in how it can improve our everyday lives. He likes reading books about travelling and exploration and spends most of his spare time enjoying family and friends.

Elton Bosch

Elton Bosch General Manager, South Africa

Elton Bosch is the General Manager of NUS Consulting Group’s South African operations. Elton joined NUS in 2006 as the National Sales Manager for the South African office. In 2011 and 2012, Elton also began building, developing and managing sales teams and new business development in the Australian and United Kingdom operations. Elton was promoted to General Manager in 2012 and has a firm understanding of the South African energy and telecommunication markets.

Miguel Fernandez

Miguel J. Fernández General Manager, Spain and Portugal

Miguel Jiménez Fernández is the General Manager of NUS Spain and Portugal. He earned a degree in Telecommunications Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and joined NUS in 2002 as a consultant. Miguel has been published in numerous national newspapers in Spain on the topic of energy (Expansión, Cinco Días, La Gaceta and more). He brings to the NUS team, telecommunications experience and his passion for developing analytical tools. A mathematics champion of the 1990 Andalucia’s Math Olimpiad, Miguel is also a paddle tennis and chess player.

Tony Hake

Tony Hake General Manager, Australia

Tony Hake is the General Manager of NUS Consulting’s Sydney office. Prior to joining NUS Consulting, Tony was employed by Bunge Company Ltd. and subsequently by 3M Company Ltd. In 1976, Tony joined NUS’s UK office as a consultant, recalling how he “… was intrigued by [NUS’s] focus on saving clients, money and their record of achievement.” Tony transferred to NUS’s Toronto office in 1978 and assumed the role of General Manager in 1990. In 1998, Tony transferred into his current role as General Manager of NUS’s Australasian operations. Tony volunteers at Junior Athletics events and is also a counsellor for those battling substance abuse.

Richard Clare

Robert A. Heinrich General Manager, US

Originally from Canada, Bob is currently Vice President and General Manager of NUS’s US offices. Once a professional football player for the Montreal Alouettes, Bob transitioned into sales and marketing positions with Seacoast Communications and Artisan Developments. Bob holds a BA in Political Science and a Bachelor of Education in Math from Dalhousie University. Bob joined NUS in 1994 explaining that he, “… liked the idea that [NUS] is pivotal in helping other companies tackle their energy challenges.” An avid sportsman, Bob is involved with the local community youth soccer league and serves as a referee and a director on the NCSA.

Wally Khalil

Wally Khalil General Manager, Canada

Wally is NUS Canada’s General Manager. With a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Wally joined NUS in 1988 because of its “…ties to the energy sector. It is a field that is always relevant and important to businesses.” Experienced in electrical testing equipment and energy, Wally is also a qualified Applicant Representative with Toronto Hydro. In 2014, Wally served as a speaker at several seminars and energy conferences on energy management and energy conservation. In his spare time, Wally volunteers with his daughter at the local community center.

Allyn Rieke

Allyn Rieke General Manager, Belgium

Allyn Rieke is General Manager of NUS Benelux and he masters four languages (English, German, Dutch and French). A veteran of the energy industry, Allyn has spoken at energy conferences for large industrial users in Germany and the Netherlands on weather derivatives and other financial hedging products. Having worked at EDF Trading in Germany and Entergy-Koch Trading, Allyn has extensive experience in some of the most dynamic energy markets in Europe. When it came to joining NUS, Allyn felt right at home: “Having worked in very large corporations, working in a medium sized company with short communications lines and long term relationships is not only more fulfilling…but the work you do makes a difference each and every day.”

Jorma Virtanen

Jorma Virtanen General Manager, Scandinavia

Jorma Virtanen, originally from Finland, is General Manager of NUS Scandinavia. After a few years living in Sweden, Jorma heard about NUS Consulting Group. The prospect of working at an international company with the ability to use his language skills (Finnish, Swedish, English), inspired Jorma to join NUS. An avid fan of ice hockey and track and field, Jorma is a swimmer and a regular patron of the arts. He holds an MA from the University of Stockholm in Economics and a BA in Social Sciences. The complexity of the Nordic market is one of Jorma’s specialties. Jorma explains, “The Nordic Electricity Market is widely regarded as the most advanced electricity market in the world and that is the reason why my focus, area of interest and specialty is Procurement and Risk Management.”