Australia Case Study 1

Country: Australia
Industry: Data Warehousing
Service: Invoice Audit, Energy Procurement, Forecasting and Budgeting

Client: A large data warehousing company with three locations in Australia engaged NUS Consulting to purchase electricity on their behalf and to check their utility invoices for accuracy.

Result: NUS achieved a savings in excess of A$100,000 per annum through the adjustment of network tariffs and the correction of billing errors. Additionally, by amending the client’s supply contracts at the right time, NUS reduced the client’s costs by A$500,000 per annum.

Summary: Through a number of initiatives and services, NUS Consulting helped the client to reduce its energy expenditures. While testing equipment, the client experienced an energy demand spike. Normally such an increase would result in the energy supplier applying a new demand level for the subsequent 12 month period. NUS Consulting negotiated with the network provider, who agreed to reset the capacity immediately, resulting in a savings of A$47,000. Two years later, a similar event occurred and NUS reduced the charge by another A$27,000. Additionally, while auditing the client’s invoices, NUS discovered overcharges resulting from miscalculations in capacity charges. Consequently, NUS recovered another A$74,000 for the client. The client has also entrusted NUS to prepare accurate budget forecasts. NUS’s procurement strategy has enabled the client to continuously purchase at low points in the pricing cycle. The latest tender reduced the client’s costs by A$500,000 per annum.