Australia Case Study 3

Country: Australia
Industry: Manufacturing
Service: Data Management & Audit, Energy Procurement, Tariff Analysis, CO2 Emissions Reporting & Budgeting

Client: A large domestic goods manufacturer with a number of locations throughout Australia hired NUS to manage their energy portfolio.

Result: NUS achieved savings and refunds in excess of A$700,000 per annum for the client.

Summary: Through NUS Consulting’s tariff analysis, procurement and sustainability programs, the client secured numerous cost reductions and savings. Analysis of the client’s network tariffs revealed that several sites were not enrolled in the most cost effective rate. NUS subsequently switched the client to the appropriate tariff, thereby saving the customer in excess of A$50,000 per annum. In another instance, the client received a bill of A$250,000 for unbilled usage over the previous five years. The client handed the matter to NUS who was able to persuade the supplier to waive the entire claim. Additionally, by taking NUS’s advice to implement a purchasing strategy involving short term electricity contracts, the client reaped the rewards of declining electricity prices. Currently, the client’s electricity contract is 35 percent lower than the price they were paying before engaging NUS Consulting. Finally, NUS’s analysis of the client’s consumption patterns identified a number of opportunities for low payback reduction initiatives. NUS also assists this client in the preparation of accurate energy budgets as well as CO2 emissions analysis and reporting.