Australia Case Study 4

Industry: Finance
: Invoice Audit, Rate/Tariff Analysis
: One of Australia’s largest financial institutions engaged NUS to provide a complete audit of their fixed line telephone invoices and related provider contracts.

Result: NUS Consulting secured a refund in excess of A$330,000 and annual savings in excess of A$135,000 for the client.

Summary: Of particular issue was the fact the organization’s telecommunications costs had significantly increased over the past year and a previous in-house investigation failed to yield any answers to its cause. Upon completing an exhaustive analysis utilizing its proprietary interrogation software, NUS discovered the agreed contract pricing was only being applied to specific lines and services while remaining lines and services were being charged at superseded non-contract rates. Additionally, the analysis uncovered long duration and double billed telephone calls as well as contract clauses that allowed for the re-negotiation of unfavorable pricing without incurring penalty payments. After discussions with the client, NUS presented the provider with its findings. Following protracted negotiations between NUS and the provider, the client received refunds totaling over A$330,000 and had its contract pricing reduced resulting in an annual savings in excess of A$135,000.