Benelux Case Study 1

Country: Belgium
Industry: Retail
Service: Energy Procurement

Client: A large retail chain with numerous locations across Belgium requested that NUS Consulting review their procurement strategy. Due to their large number of locations, the client maintained several individual contracts with different suppliers for both electricity and gas, making administration tedious and costly.

Result: NUS Consulting achieved an annual savings of approximately €90,000 per annum for the client.

Summary: Due to rapid growth over the last few years, the client opened shops across the country, contracting with whichever supplier they could find in the area. As a result, the client ended up with an excessive amount of contracts with varying durations and tariffs. With the help of NUS Consulting, the client was able to reduce the number of contracts to one for each commodity (electricity and gas). This improvement significantly reduced administrative costs associated with dealing with a large number of suppliers and contracts. Furthermore, the consolidation of store locations into a new supply contract also considerably reduced the client’s electricity and gas expenses. NUS provided the client with support in transferring to a new supplier and contract changes proceeded smoothly.