Manufacturer turns to NUS to achieve its energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction targets

With NUS's support manufacturer installs a 1,3 MW on-site solar generation plant saving €340,000 per annum over 12 years.

A manufacturer engaged NUS Consulting Group to help reduce overall energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

NUS has been providing energy management services to the manufacturer for several years. As a result, the NUS team had a detailed understanding and knowledge of the client's energy consumption patterns. Recently, the Client established a series of corporate targets to improve their energy efficiency and at the same to reduce time their carbon emission. The Client engaged NUS to undertake an Energy Audit at its sites in accordance with the local Italian implementation of the European Energy Directive (EED).

NUS's audit identified the opportunity to installation of a photovoltaic power production on the roofs and parking lots of the client's site. NUS's analytical team performed an initial feasibility study to define the business case for the installation of on-site solar power and concluded that best solution for the Client was an ESCo contract. Subsequently, NUS solicited several ESCo to provide their detailed technical and commercial offers which NUS analyzed and provided the Client with a final analysis report with detailed recommendations.

In the end, the Client choose NUS's recommended project installing a 1,3MW PV power plant and achieve a saving of €340.000 per annum on their energy bill over a period of 12 years.