Telecommunications company turns to NUS for its EU Energy Efficiency Directive Article 8 Compliance

NUS provided a centralized compliance service, covering eight countries across Europe.

The energy sustainability and compliance sector is a vast space that continues to grow rapidly. NUS has an experienced Carbon Performance team responsible for sustainability, carbon tracking and various carbon scheme compliance.

A major telecommunications company engaged NUS to assess its European operations and ensure all countries meet compliance requirements related to EU Energy Efficiency Directive Article 8 (EED). Because individual EU countries are implementing the regulations within their own, sometimes existing, energy legislations, the EED compliance work requires expertise of each country’s energy legislations. For multinational companies with a presence in several European countries, the first challenge is to decide which operations are “in scope” for EED before identifying each country’s compliance deadline and specific site review/survey requirements set by individual legislation.

For this client, NUS studied all related legislation in detail and developed a strategic, pan-European compliance plan to efficiently and effectively cover the client’s entire European portfolio. NUS’s Carbon Performance team led this project and collaborated with eight NUS’s European offices to complete the compliance work, including sourcing qualified engineers to undertake site audits, drafting detailed compliance reporting and submitting the final document to each country’s regulator. All work was handled accurately before each country’s deadline. More importantly, the client received financial benefits and avoided unnecessary headaches by using NUS’s centralized management of compliance service that streamlines the process with high transparency and effective communication.