UK car parts manufacturer taps NUS expertise to control energy costs

NUS's invoice validation and analysis results in the client receiving a £350,000 refund and on-going savings of £172,000 per annum.

A well-known UK automotive car parts manufacturer engaged NUS to assist in managing its energy costs. NUS's services include energy procurement, invoice validation, and a comprehensive review of the client's energy charges, covering ten large UK manufacturing facilities.

As part of its invoice validation and rate optimization service, NUS's analytical teams review all components of the client's energy invoice – both commodity and non-commodity. The review identified the client's sites were participating in the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme run by the Confederation of British Metal Forming and entitled to Climate Change Levy (CCL0 relief. NUS completed all of the necessary documentation to claim the maximum relief discount for both electricity and natural gas for prior years, resulting in a refund of £350,000. In addition, NUS ensured that the client received the £170,000 CCL relief benefit going forward.