£180M renewable energy ‘basket’ deal to benefit more than 150 UK businesses

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More than 150 businesses are set to benefit from 100% renewable energy under a pioneering agreement expected to be worth more than £180m.

More than 150 businesses are set to benefit from 100% renewable energy under a pioneering agreement expected to be worth more than £180m. The deal will see all the customers – ranging from an ice cream producer to a medical device manufacturer - in a portfolio managed by NUS Consulting switch to renewable energy by October next year.

The agreement is likely to reach 1.5 TWh of contracted volume within the next 12 months supplied to businesses in NUS’s Optimal Green electricity portfolio. Over its four-year term the contract is expected to be valued at more than £180m at current energy prices.

Giles Lawson, NUS Consulting’s UK General Manager, said:

“Businesses are increasingly looking to play an active role in the UK’s decarbonisation by switching to 100% renewable energy and this agreement will help our customers to meet their ambitions on sustainability.

“This is the first time we have agreed a deal with a supplier in the UK for 100% renewable energy right across a portfolio and is a great example of how the industry is working together to support the journey to net zero.”

The energy under the agreement is independently certified as 100% renewable by the Carbon Trust which enables customers to confidently report zero carbon emissions for their supply.

Customers will be provided with a certificate that guarantees 100% of the electricity supplied comes from renewable sources as well as details on the source and content of electricity purchased.

NUS Optimal Green offers the benefits of flexible procurement to customers which don’t have the consumption levels or in-house resources needed to access and manage flexible supply contracts.

The portfolio is made up of a basket of customers whose combined volume enables flexible procurement strategies to be adopted.

Following a rigorous tendering process, SmartestEnergy was chosen to be the supplier for the Optimal Green portfolio. The framework agreement is in place between October 2019 and September 2023.

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