Choosing the Right Energy Management Consultant

In this whitepaper we explore the major issues in developing the framework for identifying and selecting an energy management consultant. A must read prior to issuing an RFP.

As one would expect there are a multitude of factors to consider when selecting an energy management consulting partner. A significant part of the decision-making process is dependent upon your organization’s objectives as well as the scale of the project. Typically, organizations rely on generic (traditional or web portal based) requests for proposals (RFPs) as a methodology for choosing a consultant. While the traditional procurement approach  may be effective in generating price competition, unless it is structured with a great deal of care you most likely will end up with the cheapest consultant as opposed to the best consultant with the most appropriate scope of work/services to achieve your objectives.

Due to the disruptive nature of the energy markets, choosing the wrong energy consultant will result in significantly higher annual energy costs which will far outweigh any consulting fee savings achieved by the price competition generated from a generic RFP process. In this whitepaper we explore some of the major issues in developing the structural framework for identifying and choosing the best suited energy management consultant to achieve your firm’s objectives.

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