International Electricity & Natural Gas Report & Pricing Survey Release

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In this Report, NUS surveyed electricity prices in 19 countries and natural gas prices in 18 countries across three continents. The detailed information contained in the Report concerning international energy pricing is fascinating.

In electricity, the price spread between surveyed countries ranged from a low of 6.67 US¢/kWh to a high of 18.92 US¢/kWh. For natural gas, prices between countries ranged from a low of 1.68 US¢/kWh to a high of 8.23 US¢/kWh. In addition to pricing, NUS Consulting Group’s international team of energy market experts identify several unifying themes across markets – e.g., the impact of carbon allowances, renewable, and sustainability-related charges on energy prices. In the Report, NUS also provides detailed commentary and analysis concerning the energy market in each country surveyed, including market structure, price development in 2019, price forecast for 2020, and regulatory changes that may further impact commercial and industrial consumers’ energy budget.

The Report is one of the few detailed international energy pricing reports available in the market. Any organization with operations in multiple jurisdictions will find NUS Consulting Group’s pricing data and market insight to be invaluable.

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