LevelTen Energy and NUS Consulting Partnership

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Seattle, WA – March 23, 2022 – LevelTen Energy, the leading provider of renewable transaction infrastructure, announced a new partnership with NUS Consulting Group that will enable the international energy management and sustainability consulting firm, to help transact on power purchase agreements (PPAs) for its clients through the LevelTen Platform.

As a LevelTen Energy partner, NUS Consulting Group will have access to the world's largest PPA marketplace, which includes more than 4,300 PPA offers across 21 countries in Europe and North America. LevelTen's platform also includes advanced tools such as RFP Automation, which streamlines and simplifies the request for proposal process. Additionally, NUS Consulting can leverage LevelTen's comprehensive suite of CFO-Ready™ analytics, which calculates more than one billion data points a day, to select a PPA that best matches their private and public sector clients' energy needs, budget, and more.

"Our international commercial and industrial clients are accelerating their sustainability plans and eager to source renewable energy to achieve their decarbonization goals. Partnering with LevelTen will allow NUS Consulting Group's global sustainability teams to access the world's largest PPA marketplace and analytical tools to support the implementation of our clients’ Net-Zero roadmaps. As energy markets around the world continue to advance, we believe energy sourcing, risk management, and sustainability will become indispensable and interlinked systems in any state-of-the-art energy management and sustainability program," said Richard Soultanian, Co-President of NUS Consulting Group.  

"More companies than ever are trying to achieve ambitious clean energy goals, but for many, procuring renewables can be a complicated and lengthy undertaking," said Ryan Warren, Chief Commercial Officer at LevelTen Energy. "That's why we're happy to partner with NUS Consulting, whose expertise in energy management consulting, supported by LevelTen's unmatched renewable energy market access, can help their clients more confidently achieve  corporate sustainability commitments."

About NUS Consulting

NUS Consulting Group is a leading professional consulting firm that delivers a broad range of solutions specializing in international energy management and sustainability. We provide clients with a wide range of services, including invoice processing, validation, and payment support, cloud-based energy information systems, procurement, risk management, budgeting, and decarbonization strategy development, implementation, and reporting. NUS Consulting Group is a global firm employing over 325 energy professionals in 19 offices worldwide. Our employees work together to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service, innovation, and support. For more than 85 years, energy-intensive businesses around the globe have relied on NUS Consulting Group as an independent and trusted advisor to support them in achieving their energy management and sustainability goals.

About LevelTen Energy

LevelTen Energy is the leading provider of transaction infrastructure for the renewable energy economy. The platform delivers buyers, sellers, advisors, and financiers the automation software, data management, and standardized contracts needed to facilitate faster, safer renewable energy transactions. LevelTen's marketplace of renewable energy power purchase agreements is the world's largest, with more than 4,300 pricing offers spanning 21 countries in North America and Europe. LevelTen's CFO-Ready Analytics™ automatically calculates more than a billion data points every day, providing buyers and advisors with leading-edge, real-time risk and value insights at modern market scale. Together, LevelTen and its partners share #OneGoal to accelerate the clean energy transition. Visit us at LevelTenEnergy.com to learn more.


LevelTen Energy, Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, "LevelTen") provides a renewable energy marketplace and platform comprising certain proprietary software, data analytics, contract templates, and related tools and processes, to aggregate renewable energy buyers and sellers, allowing the parties to connect and transact efficiently (collectively, the "LevelTen Platform"). The information contained in this report is provided for general informational purposes only and does not constitute advice regarding the value of or advisability of entering into any particular renewable energy transaction. The information is based upon data inputs to the LevelTen Platform provided by developers and other third parties, and LevelTen makes no representation or warranty as to the completeness, accuracy or reliability of such third-party data. Renewable energy transactions involve substantial risk of loss, and parties are strongly advised to consult with professional and legal advisors prior to entering into any given transaction. Access to or use of the information contained herein does not establish a "client" or "customer" relationship with LevelTen within the meaning of any applicable laws or regulations. The LevelTen Platform is not designed or intended to allow users to place orders or enter into self-executing transactions within the Platform, and the offer, acceptance and contracting process for all transactions shall take place directly between buyer and seller, in their sole discretion, with the LevelTen Platform merely providing tools and information to help facilitate such transactions.

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About NUS Consulting Group

NUS Consulting Group ("NUS") is an international energy management and sustainability consultancy headquartered in the United States with offices located throughout Europe, North America, South Africa, and Australia. Our global footprint, long-standing industry relationships, and dedicated team of local energy professionals mean we possess the experience, expertise, and resources necessary to develop and implement innovative energy management and sustainability solutions for energy-intensive organizations.

Our core energy management services include invoice data capture and validation, energy information systems, analysis, procurement, risk management, and budgeting. The goal is to provide businesses with price optimization and stability, budgeting transparency and clear line-of-sight as to energy cost drivers, and market intelligence to effectively navigate the quickly changing energy markets.

NUS's sustainability support services complement our core energy management services, assisting organizations in defining and achieving their overall energy sustainability strategy. Our experienced international team helps organizations define their decarbonization objectives, construct and track carbon footprints, develop science-based Net-Zero roadmaps, and implement them through a combination of energy efficiency, certificates, green tariffs, supply agreements, and power purchase agreements.

We are a trusted and independent partner to our clients, providing thoughtful and innovative solutions in a rapidly changing world.

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For all media enquiries: Louise Garton (lgarton@nusconsulting.com)