Czech Energy Pricing Trends - 12 Nov. 2021

CO2 price (Dec-21) increased by 3,84 EUR/t WoW to level 63,7 EUR/t WoW.  Today market is trading in 63,4-64,4 territory.

Brent price (Dec21) increased by 2,33 USD/bbl WoW to 82,87 USD/bbl.  Today market is trading in 81,4-82,7 territory.

Coal API (Dec21) decreased by 1,35 USD/t WoW to 130,65 USD/t.  Today coal decreased further to 127 level.

The whole energy mix had mixed development. Coal and oil decreased WoW; however, gas and power are rather stable WoW.

The gas was main driver in electricity development, where price was decreasing Tuesday until Wednesday, but later started to grow again.

The reason for price decrease in beginning of week was increased gas flows from Russia (perceived by market as fulfillment of Putin´s words). Since Thursday, however, gas imports from Russia started to decline; thus price of gas and consequently power reacted by increase.

Slovak power market followed the trend of Czech market.

Slovenian market followed trend on other European electricity markets.

SPOT prices were declining until Wednesday, but since then price began to increase. Current market price for Monday is at level 76,8 EUR/MWh.

Gas market was experiencing significant decline Tuesday until Wednesday as reaction to increased gas flows from Russia to Europe.

However, since Thursday gas imports declined again and price reacted with growth.  Unplanned maintenance at Karsto facility in Norway significantly decreased imports into continent from Norway today.  Also LNG send outs from LNG terminals decreased DoD. On top Belarus President Lukashenko threatened to shut down Yamal gas pipeline which increased nervousness about future gas flows.

On the other side, Ukrainian pipeline capacities are sufficient to transport possible reverted flows from Yamal. Temperatures shall be slightly above the average in this region thus keeping demand stable. Since 1st November European storages turned into net withdrawals and current level is 74,91% (as of Wednesday).

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Miroslav Ceman

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