Czech Energy Pricing Trends - 14 Jan. 2022

CO2 price (Dec-21) decreased by 6,18 EUR/t WoW to level 80,56 EUR/t WoW. Today market oscillated around 82 level.

Brent price (Mar22) increased by 2,48 USD/bbl WoW to 84,47 USD/bbl. Today market is growing and is above 85 level now.

Coal API (Feb22) increased by 9,9 USD/t WoW to 147 USD/t. Today coal is growing and is at 160 level now.

The electricity price grew today by 5-8% compared to yesterday mainly as reaction to news about EDF´s cut of its 2022 nuclear production target by almost 10% to 300-330 TWh following outages extensions at five of its 56 nuclear reactors. The electricity market also followed the gas market which grew as well - more information in gas section. In the longer term, the potential reasons for the fall in electricity markets might be the inclusion of nuclear as a sustainable resource for the EU, an increase in the supply of gas and coal worldwide, start of the Nord Stream II project during 2022 and a possible decline in consumption of energy in Europe due to the unfavorable macroeconomic situation and the pandemic.

Slovak power market followed the trend of Czech market.

Slovenian market followed trend on other European electricity markets.

SPOT declined significantly since pre-Christmas period, mainly as reaction to sufficient LNG imports into Europe.

Gas market experienced significant price decline since pre-Christmas period, especially in near curve market. This is thanks to abundant LNG imports into the continent as well as stable Norway flows. However, gas grew quite significantly yesterday and today by almost 13% for February as a result of unplanned shutdown at Norway's largest gas site Troll as well as updated weather forecast, which predicts below-average temperatures for February both for Europe as well as for Asia. The next bullish news came from power market related to decreased EDF´s planned nuclear output in 2022. Lower nuclear generation will mean higher gas-to-power demand. In regards to Troll´s shutdown the restriction is expected until 17 January; however, an extension of the shutdown cannot be ruled out. Gas level in European gas storages decreased by 3,92% WoW (as of Wednesday) to level 49,33%.

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Miroslav Ceman

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