France Energy Pricing Trends - 10 Mar. 2021

France Power Pricing Trends | 10 March 2021

The drop in temperatures recorded last week led to the use of gas and coal-fired power plants. Consequentially, the price of these energies has gone up, helping to generate an increase in the average weekly electricity price equivalent to 0.28 euros/MWh for CAL 2021 (from 53.26 euros/MWh to 53.54 euros/MWh) and 0.40 euros/MWh for CAL 2022, from 51.31 euros/MWh to 51.71/MWh)

France Natural Gas Pricing Trends | 10 March 2021

Although LNG prices continue to fall, changes in gas inventories and increased consumption in the past week have led to adverse price movements. Weekly average prices have increased slightly, with PEG CAL 2021 and PEG CAL 2022 both increasing by 0.07 euros/MWh, from 16.57 to 16.64 euros/MWh for CAL 2021, and from 16.13 to 16.20 euros/MWh for CAL 2022.

France Oil Pricing Trends | 10 March 2021

The rise in the price of Brent continues, with its average weekly price ranging from 54.22 euros/bbllast week to 54.34 euros/bbl(up 0.12 euros/bbl) now. At issue was the continuation of OPEC’s policy of production cuts, as well as the announcement of various U.S. growth factors over the weekend, including employment, which was better than expected.

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