France Energy Pricing Trends - 11 Apr. 2022

France Power Pricing Trends | 11 April 2022

The electricity futures market rose last week. Prices followed the trend in natural gas prices. In addition, market participants are concerned about the production capacity of French nuclear power plants. According to the latest information, other plants would be affected by the corrosion problem that recently led to the pause of nearly half of France’s reactors. Average weekly prices grew from 201.90 €/MWh to 212.88 €/MWh for CAL 2023 & from 126.82 €/MWh to 133.13 €/MWh for CAL 2024.

France Natural Gas Pricing Trends | 11 April 2022

The natural gas futures market rose last week. Although alternatives are currently limited, the risks of a European embargo on the import of Russian gas is increasingly being considered. Average weekly prices rose from 68.05 €/MWh to 72.37 €/MWh for CAL 2023 & shrank from 46.34 €/MWh to 51.82 €/MWh for CAL 2024.

France Oil Pricing Trends | 11 April 2022  

Oil prices remained buoyant last week. Potential new sanctions against imported Russian oil, as well as the deterioration of negotiations with Iran did nothing to assuage underlying tensions in the oil markets. The average weekly price of Brent dropped from 98.49 €/bbl to 94.67 €/bbl.

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