France Energy Pricing Trends - 24 Jan. 2022

France Power Pricing Trends | 24 January 2022

The electricity futures market ratcheted up last week. Fears about technical problems at nuclear power plants are keeping pressure on prices. Average weekly prices leapt from 125.09 €/MWh to 126.91 €/MWh for CAL 2023 & from 94.00 €/MWh to 94.83 €/MWh for CAL 2024.

France Natural Gas Pricing Trends | 24 January 2022

The natural gas futures market fell last week despite a deteriorating diplomatic situation at the Russo-Ukrainian border. Indeed, the constant arrival of LNG in Europe, as well as mild weather this week, allowed for a relaxation of prices on the market. Average weekly prices decreased from 45.37 €/MWh to 43.93 €/MWh for CAL 2023 and grew slightly from 29.24 €/MWh to 29.50 €/MWh for CAL 2024.

France Oil Pricing Trends | 24 January 2022  

Oil prices rose last week. While global demand is very strong, the explosion of a pipeline in Turkey has raised fears of supply problems in the short term. The average weekly price of Brent got a boost from 73.76 €/bbl to 77.07 €/bbl.

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