France Energy Pricing Trends - 6 Apr. 2021

France Power Pricing Trends | 6 April 2021

In summer-like weather conditions, the electricity market followed a slightly upward trend noticeable on the Cal 23 product price (CAL 22 remained stable). Note that the price of CO2 fell slightly before the Easter weekend. Specifically, the average weekly price of electricity changed slightly from 56.18 euros/MWh to 56.17 euros/MWh for CAL 2022 and rose from 53.31 euros/MWh to 53.56 euros/MWh for CAL 2023.

France Natural Gas Pricing Trends | 6 April 2021

As far as future products are concerned, gas prices for 2022 and 2023 stayed stable and closed at 17.98 euros/MWh and 16.95 euros/MWh respectively last Thursday. The average weekly price rose from 17.87 euros/MWh to 17.89 euros/MWh for CAL 2022 and from 16.83 euros/MWH to 16.92 euros/MWh for CAL 2023.

France Oil Pricing Trends | 6 April 2021

Following the release of an IEA report revealing a decline in stored inventories of U.S. crude oil, and Joe Biden's announcement of investments included in an infrastructure plan, the oil market increased last week. The average weekly price of Brent has risen from 53.19 euros/bblto 54.64 euros/bbl.

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