France Energy Pricing Trends - Feb. 2021

Electricity – Baseload Futures

For the month of February, electricity prices rose again, following the pattern set by carbon prices. The increase is on average 1.84 euros/MWh for CAL 22 and 1.38 euros/MWh for CAL 23.

Carbon – EUA Futures

Carbon prices continue to rise in a highly speculative environment. It is to be expected that it will remain at its bullish course. Prices increased on average monthly by 4.47 euros/MWh, to 37.22 euros/MWh.

Natural Gas – PEG Futures

The brief cold snap in early February pulled prices up, after which they settled into a decline late in the month. Market prices increased, on average monthly, by 0.44 euros/MWh for CAL 22 and by 0.63 euros/MWh for CAL 23.

BRENT Spot Europe

Driven by the cold snap in the United States, prices returned to levels not seen since late January 2020. The price of a barrel of Brent rose on average by $7.08/bbl per barrel this month. The average daily oil price per barrel was $62.29/bbl. At the beginning of the month, the price per barrel was $56.88/bbl.

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