German Energy Pricing Trends - 1 August 2021

German Electricity Pricing | 1 August 2021

Coal and gas in particular were responsible for rising electricity prices. The front year and the following year 2023 showed slightly higher prices than the previous week. The bullish requirements on the gas, coal and CO2 market are also causing prices to rise rapidly in the electricity futures market.  In a weekly comparison, the Cal22 stood at € 76.84 / MWh (+6.28%) and the Cal23 at € 66.81 / MWh (+4.59%).

German Natural Gas Pricing | 1 August 2021

Last week, there were significant price increases along the entire curve on the gas futures market.  However, when the delivery periods were removed, the price increases were lower, which further intensified the backwardation of the forward curve. Price drivers still are empty storage facilities and the high Asian LNG prices and an unplanned outage at the Norwegian gas field. Gazprom continued to let the possibility pass and did not book additional transport capacities via Ukraine. The settlement price on August 2, 2021 for the Cal22 was at € 28.002 / MWh (+ 7.47%) and the Cal23 at € 20.531 / MWh (+ 2.75%).

German CO2 Pricing | 1 August 2021

The CO2 prices climbed last week. The CO2 price was largely driven by the increase in emission allowances for natural gas. From this week onwards, the auction volume on EEX will be cut in half. The December 2021 contract closed on August 2, 2021 at € 54.44 / t compared to July 26, 2021 (+ 2.35%).

German Oil Pricing | 1 August 2021

Oil prices have fallen slightly compared to last week and continued to recover from the recent slump. In our comparison, the price for the barrel of the North Sea variety Brent on August 2, 2021 was now USD 72.40 / bbl (-2.11%). 

German Coal Pricing | 1 August 2021

The coal price continued its upward trend and marks a new high. The persistently high demand and low supply supports the price as coal from South Africa and Colombia is being shipped to China. On August 2nd the API2 CIF ARA 2022 price is at $ 95.90 / t (+1.58%).

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