German Energy Pricing Trends - 12 Mar. 2021

German Electricity Pricing | 12 March 2021

Electricity prices have continued to rise. The reasons were rising oil and especially CO2 prices and a continued positive mood with regard to future global economic development.

German Natural Gas Pricing | 12 March 2021

Rising gas prices resulted from colder temperatures and also from a decline in Norwegian production.

German CO2 Pricing | 12 March 2021

CO2 prices were very volatile in the reporting week and rose significantly at the end up to over 39,00 €/t (+5,40 %). The recovering oil market supported prices.

German Oil Pricing | 12 March 2021

Oil prices rose rapidly in the past week. The North Sea variety Brent ended up at $ 68/bbl. This development took place due to the surprising extension of the existing flow rate limit until the end of April by OPEC+

German Coal Pricing | 12 March 2021

Coal prices fell last week after significant price increases had been recorded in the previous weeks. The API2 CIF ARA 2022 stood at $ 67.49/t.

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