German Energy Pricing Trends - 6 Apr. 2021

German Electricity Pricing | 6 April 2021

Electricity prices have continued to rise. The reasons for the increase were once again the commodities natural gas, coal and especially the CO2 prices.

German Natural Gas Pricing | 6 April 2021

Gas prices also rose moderately. The demand for gas for storage as well as the high EUA prices had a price supportive effect.

German CO2 Pricing | 6 April 2021

CO2 prices rose in the reporting week. On Thursday April 1st, the verified emissions data for 2020 were released, showing a decrease of 12.6% compared to the previous year. The decline can be seen as a result of the pandemic with the shrinking economy and the displacement of fossil fuels by renewable energies.

German Oil Pricing | 6 April 2021

Brent crude oil weakened slightly during the reporting week. OPEC revised its demand expectation down by 300,000 bbl/day for the remainder of 2021. Saudi Arabia continues to voluntarily waive a quota of 1 million bbl/day to support prices.

German Coal Pricing | 6 April 2021

Coal prices barely changed in the reporting week, and were slightly lower. The production operation in Glencore / Australia has fully resumed operation after the floods. The outlook is cautiously optimistic.

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