Germany Energy Pricing Trends - 14 Oct. 2021

German Electricity Pricing | 14 October 2021

Electricity market experienced a significant price correction. Cal22 stood at the end of the reporting week at 122,93 €/MWh (-14,90%).

German Natural Gas Pricing | 14 October 2021

After equally strong growth, gas prices showed a clear correction from the middle of last week. After Russia let the gas markets stabilize, this led to a collapse in gas prices. The settlement price was on October 11th for the Cal22 at 50,460 €/MWh (-14,91%).

German CO2 Pricing | 14 October 2021

CO2 prices also fell in the wake of falling gas prices.The December 2021 contract closed on October 11, 2021 compared to October 4, 2021 at 59,15 €/t (-6,70%).

German Oil Pricing | 14 October 2021

Oil prices continued to rise. The price for a barrel of North Sea Brent on October 11, 2021 was 83,62 USD/bbl (+2,85%).

German Coal Pricing | 14 October 2021

Coal prices were also influenced by gas prices last week. On October 11th the API2 CIF ARA 2022 stood at 145,53 $/t (-17,48%).

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