Poland Energy Pricing Trends - May 2021

Poland Electricity Pricing Trends for May 2021

In May the electricity future pricing for 2022 hit another record high and fluctuated in between 323 to 356 PLN / MWh in comparison to price range of 300 to 318 PLN / MWh for the same future contract traded in April. The main driver is still CO2 European pricing reaching another all-time high – mowing in between 50 - 55 EUR / ton in the second half of the month. On May 21st the Court of Justice of the European Union ordered immediate cease of lignite extraction activities in Polish Turow mine, located close to Polish – Czech border, following legal dispute brought by Czech Republic on environmental impact and groundwater levels in Czech territory. The Turow power plant supplied by the disputed mine, provides 5% of Polish electricity generation. The Turow mine has not followed the court ordered and remained operational.

Poland Natural Gas Pricing Trends for May 2021

In May the natural gas futures for 2022 fluctuated in between 103 to 114 PLN / MWh (versus 94 to 102 PLN / MWh in April for the same gas contract). On May 31st, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency revoked the environmental permit for the construction of Baltic Pipe (pipeline connecting Poland with Norwegian gas fields via Denmark). The suspension of construction works may last around 7 – 8 months to conduct further studies and issue a new permit. The pipeline was initially planned to be operational in October 2022, and as a result the project timeline may be significantly delayed now.

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