Swedish Energy Pricing Trends - 15 Jan. 2021

The new year started with cold and dry weather. With a market that had been under a lot of pressure during 2020, it did not need much to change it to a more bullish outlook. Weather forecast is showing continous cold and dry weather, meaning that the prices should continue to go up for the next couple of weeks.

EPAD (Price areas) has been a hot topic in the Nordics during 2020. Due to the very low electricity prices, we have seen extreme EPAD prices (20 times the electricity price). This is not a good scenario since the EPAD market has really low liquidity and is extremely volitile with huge spreads. Now that electricity prices are going up, we see that EPAD starts to go down and soon will reach a more normal pricing. The 99% Nuclear production helps of course.

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Daniel Chrigström

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