NUS Consulting Group (National Utility Service) is an international energy management consulting firm, with offices and employees around the world. Our offices work together and share information, ensuring that ideas and opportunities are leveraged across the globe to benefit our clients. As energy markets around the world continue to evolve and develop, so too will NUS’s global presence.

Skyline with sunrise and balloons, Melbourne, Australia.
The Sydney Opera House and Bridge.
The Grand Palace (Grote Markt)
The Toronto city skyline.
The Charles Bridge in Prague.
A wide shot of Arc de Triomphe.
The Rhine River in Düsseldorf, Germany.
The Barcelona skyline.
Praça do Comércio
The Madrid Metropolis Building at sunset.
A shot of the Duomo di Milano in Italy.
Bikes on a bridge over a canal, potted flowers on the railings.
The Warsaw city skyline behind the Palace of Science and Culture.
A picture of the Johannesberg city skyline.
A picture of Stockholm, Sweden.
A picture of the London bridge.
The New Jersey bridge against a rosy sky.
A shot of the Charlotte city skyline.
A shot of office buildings in Greenville, SC.