NUS Consulting Iberia

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08028 Barcelona

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NUS Consulting Group's Iberian operations were established in 1995. Today, we have more than 20 experienced energy professionals working in our Madrid office managing over €500 million of annual energy expenditure.

The Iberian energy market is a highly complex and competitive one. Due to its geography, the Iberian market has limited interconnections with its neighbors and imports most of its gas requirements, making it unique within Europe. As a consequence, local factors primarily drive power prices, but international events also impact overall pricing trends. In addition, the Iberian market has a complex access tariff system that is modified at a minimum annually. To successfully navigate and leverage market opportunities requires local expertise.

We provide expert energy management and sustainability support services to over 250 commercial and industrial businesses located throughout Spain and Portugal. In addition to our Group's services invoice processing and validation, energy information systems, rate analysis, procurement, risk management, and budgeting, we also provide localized services including pre-calculation of energy invoices, energy audits, and energy efficiency support. 

While we are an independent consulting firm, we have long-standing and constructive relationships with all the principal energy suppliers and closely monitor legislative and regulatory developments that may impact our clients. Our goal is to work closely with our clients to improve their operational, financial, and environmental performance.