NUS Consulting Czech Republic

Václavské náměstí 66
110 00 Praha, Česká republika

+420 734 448 826

NUS Consulting Group’s Czech Republic office is located in Prague. Our experienced local team provides comprehensive energy management services to domestic and international businesses.

The Czech electricity market is fully deregulated. ČEZ, PRE and E.on are the three principal electricity suppliers, although many smaller suppliers are active in the market. The Czech Republic was the fourth-largest net electricity exporter in the EU in 2018 after France, Germany and Sweden. Most of its exports flow into Austria, the Slovak Republic and Germany. Currently, electricity generation in the country is dominated by coal (50%) and nuclear (34%). Unlike many other countries in the EU, the Czech Republic has been slow in making significant progress on the transition to renewable generation.

Due to a lack of local resources and being landlocked in central Europe, the Czech Republic is highly depended on natural gas imports. The natural gas market is open and competitive, therefore pricing is largely influenced by the prices on other European gas exchanges and geopolitical events.

Our Czech team has the market expertise, price monitoring tools, management processes, and supplier relationships to ensure a successful outcome for your energy procurement. We also provide invoice processing and validation, analysis, budgeting, energy efficiency and sustainability solutions. NUS’s Czech office coordinates its activities with NUS’s other international offices to provide seamless, integrated services to international clients.