NUS Consulting Germany

NUS Consulting Group's German office was established in 1966 and was the first energy management and sustainability consultancy in Germany. Today, NUS Germany employs over 25 energy professionals working from our Düsseldorf office located in the newly built Airport City adjacent to Düsseldorf Airport.

We provide energy management and sustainability services and solutions to over 450 clients in the chemical, automotive, steel, pharmaceutical, hospitality, data center, banking, and other energy-intensive industries. Our service area coverage includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland's German-speaking regions, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia.

The German energy markets are fully deregulated and highly competitive. While power production in the electricity market continues to be dominated by major players (RWE/INNOGY and E.ON/UNIPER), it has over 800 Stadtwerke (municipal utilities) as well as expanding international suppliers and smaller players. The German energy markets have been undergoing a tectonic shift, driven mainly by government policy - Energiewende, transitioning away from coal-fired and nuclear generation to natural gas and renewables. This transition, which has increased reliance on renewables (currently generating roughly 50 percent of overall production), has caused German electricity prices, which were the model of stability in the past, to become highly volatile.

Germany is Europe's world's largest importer of natural gas. Germany has no liquified natural gas (LNG) terminals, relying entirely on pipelines to import gas from Russia, the Netherlands, and Norway. The industrial sector consumes most of Germany's natural gas - district heating provides the bulk of residential and commercial heating. Germany's dependence on imported natural gas means that prices are materially impacted by both local fundamentals and regional geopolitical events.

NUS's local German team provides clients comprehensive energy management and sustainability solutions, including invoice processing and validation, analysis, procurement, budgeting, energy efficiency, and sustainability services. NUS's local experts provide procurement and risk management support for indexed or tranche-based contracts for larger energy-intensive businesses, including strategic risk management, market monitoring, energy trading, and reporting.

In addition, we provide clients comprehensive sustainability support and compliance services to achieve their sustainability objectives, including energy efficiency audits, carbon offsets, CDP and GHG regulatory reporting, on-site /off-site power purchase agreements (PPAs), and virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs).

The professionals in NUS's German office are dedicated to providing clients exceptional services and leading-edge energy management and sustainability solutions. NUS Germany coordinates its activities with NUS's other international offices to provide seamless and integrated solutions to multi-national organizations.