NUS Consulting Italy

NUS Consulting Group's Italian office was established in 1973. Since its inception, NUS's office has been located in the city of Milan, the country's industrial and financial center located in the Lombardia Region. NUS Italia provides strategic energy management, sustainability, and energy efficiency solutions to both medium and large domestic businesses as well as multi-national organizations.

Today, NUS Italia employs over 20 experienced energy professionals implementing the latest comprehensive energy management, sustainability, and energy efficiency solutions to over 400 domestic and international energy-intensive clients. The Italian team coordinates activities with NUS's other international offices around the world to provide seamless, integrated services to international organizations.

The Italian energy market is both deregulated and competitive. The market is highly complex due to its intricate regulatory system and reliance on electricity and natural gas imports. Energy prices in Italy are driven not only by global and local economic factors but also by domestic energy market fundamentals and government policy. To navigate and strategically leverage opportunities in this market requires a detailed understanding of the market structure, suppliers, regulations, and government policies.

NUS's local Italian team proactively monitors market developments and works collaboratively with clients to manage their energy requirements. We provide businesses comprehensive solutions, including energy data management and analysis, procurement, and budgeting. We manage hundreds of energy supply contract tenders on behalf of clients each year and are specialists at identifying and achieving their sourcing objectives. For larger, more sophisticated industrial and commercial businesses, we provide support developing documented strategic energy risk management plans and implementing approved strategies, including procuring index-based supply contracts, monitoring markets for trigger points, and executing energy trades.

The Italian government and corporations have made definitive sustainability commitments. As a result, the renewable energy market in Italy has and continues to expand rapidly. NUS Italia's analytical teams are experts in developing and implementing sustainability strategies, including the purchase of GO's and of EUAs under ETS scheme, the negotiation and implementation of on-site and off-site power purchase agreements (PPAs) and virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs).

Energy efficiency is another important focus area for the Italian government and corporations. NUS Italia's team of Certified Energy Engineers supports clients to comply with required Energy Audits and with the preparation of necessary business plans to help defining the most appropriate efficiency solutions roadmap.

The Italian energy market is one of the most complicated in the world. Our local team of experts helps clients navigate this challenging environment and optimize their annual costs while achieving their overall sustainability and efficiency goals.