NUS Consulting United States

NUS Consulting Group was founded in 1933 in New York City. NUS built and moved into its current global headquarters in Park Ridge, New Jersey (approximately 30 miles Northwest of New York City) in 1986. Currently, more than 40 professionals work out of the Park Ridge office, including senior management, accounting, IT, consulting, analytical, and certain back-office staff.

The energy markets in the United States are highly diverse, ranging from fully regulated monopolies to mature deregulated markets with deep supplier competition. Unlike most countries that regulated their energy markets at a national level, energy markets are regulated at the individual state level in the United States. This means that the United States energy market is actually 50 different markets with different rules and regulations set by state public utility commissions.

NUS has a dedicated analytical team that monitors regulatory activity in each state as well as the available industrial and commercial rate options. We use leading-edge analytical tools and systems to ensure clients' sites are on the optimal (most cost-effective) rate or tariff option available.

In deregulated markets, NUS's experienced consultant and analytical teams will prepare and run customized RFPs on a client's behalf to solicit competitive supply pricing. For larger supplies, NUS's senior consultants and risk management teams (located in our Charlotte North Carolina office) provide comprehensive risk management support services to clients with indexed supply contracts.

NUS's United States operations provide energy management and sustainability support services to over 350 large commercial and industrial businesses, including several in the Fortune 100. As part of these services, NUS provides clients with invoice processing, validation, and payment date file services to streamline the capture of energy invoice data and suppliers' payment. We do not outsource these services but support them out of our Greenville South Carolina office.

NUS also provides clients sustainability support services, including sustainability strategy development, ENERGY STAR compliance support, purchase and management of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), power purchase agreements (PPAs), and virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs).

Our United States team is dedicated to providing clients exceptional levels of support and working collaboratively to improve their operational, financial, and environmental performance.