NUS Consulting United States

NUS Consulting Group's Charlotte, North Carolina office, was established as part of the acquisition of Viking Energy Management. In 2007, NUS acquired Viking, whose focus was providing high-level procurement, risk management, and energy trading solutions to large commercial and industrial consumers. The acquisition was a bolt-on for NUS specifically designed to reinforce and expand its existing procurement, risk management, and trading teams and provide NUS a presence in the fast-growing Southeastern market.

The Charlotte office currently has more than ten experienced energy consultants managing more than $1 billion in annual energy spend on behalf of their clients. The Charlotte team manages various energy supply contracts, including all-in fixed, fixed-commodity only, indexed/variable, and basis contracts. In addition, the NUS team provides critical daily nominations, scheduling, and balancing support services for large industrial gas users. The team uses Bloomberg terminals to access live energy pricing and monitor markets throughout the United States for its clients.

The consulting team in Charlotte has extensive experience in renewable energy and sustainability projects, particularly with on-site and off-site power purchase agreements (PPAs) as well as virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs).

In early 2020, NUS moved the Charlotte team into new larger office space to accommodate expected future growth. The experience consultants in the Charlotte office work closely with the Park Ridge and Greenville as well as NUS's international offices to ensure the seamless and coordinated delivery of services to clients.