NUS Consulting Poland

NUS Consulting Group’s Polish office was established in 2009. Our experienced local team provides comprehensive energy management services to domestic and international businesses.

The Polish markets are deregulated. Commercial businesses are free to access the competitive electricity market. Poland is the second-largest coal producer in Europe behind Germany. Due to its abundance as well as a powerful local industry, coal continues to be the primary fuel used to generate electricity in Poland. The country has struggled to meet EU 2020 target that 15% of energy consumption should come from renewables. It would require significant investment and commitment for Poland to speed up its transition to clean energy sources.

Poland’s natural gas market was deregulated in 2012. The country has limited natural gas resources; as a consequence, it imports approximately of its requirement from Russia. Understanding the geopolitical implications of relying on Russian gas, Poland has been expanding its ability to import LNG through the Baltic Sea from other international suppliers.

Our Polish team has the market expertise, price monitoring tools, management processes, and supplier relationships to ensure a successful outcome for your energy procurement. We also provide invoice processing and validation, analysis, budgeting, energy efficiency and sustainability solutions. NUS’s Polish office coordinates its activities with NUS’s other international offices to provide seamless, integrated services to international clients.