NUS Consulting United States

NUS Consulting Group opened its Greenville, South Carolina office in 2007. The plan was for the office to be the engine for NUS's North American invoice processing and validation services. Unlike many of our competitors, we specifically did not off-shore this critical work because we firmly believe that having local staff with detailed energy market knowledge was absolutely essential for maintaining the service's overall quality.

At its original founding, the office employed four employees. Today, NUS's Greenville office has grown to more than 35 dedicated energy data entry specialists and account managers. This team works closely with the energy consultants and analysts in our Park Ridge and Charlotte offices.

Our Greenville team is dedicated to accurate energy invoice data capture and data quality assurance. Moreover, our specialist account managers work collaboratively with client account payables teams to identify billing errors, eliminate overcharges, and ensure timely payment of energy invoices.

In late 2020, our NUS Greenville will be relocating to a new, larger office with space to accommodate further growth. NUS Consulting Group sees the construction and maintenance of comprehensive and accurate energy databases as the foundation to achieve clients' diverse energy cost management and sustainability objectives.