NUS Consulting Sweden

NUS Consulting Group began operating in the Nordic region in 1986, opening its Stockholm office. It was the first energy management and sustainability consultancy in Sweden. Today, our team consists of more than 15 energy professionals, managing in excess of 1B SEK in annual energy expenditures.

The Nordic energy markets are one of the most advanced in the world. The Nord Pool power market's transparency and flexibility provides clients enormous optionality with their energy procurement. Hydroelectric power makes up a substantial portion of the region's power energy generation portfolio. As a result, the Nordic markets power prices are highly correlated to weather. Closely monitoring of Nord Pool price movements and weather forecasts are critical to optimizing any energy purchasing strategy. With our support, clients implement customized procurement strategies to control their overall annual energy costs. As part of any purchasing strategy, we can support a client's sustainability objectives by purchasing certified renewable energy.

The Nordic utility markets are subject to complex tariffs, energy-related taxes, and climate levies. NUS helps clients navigate through this potential minefield. Our analytical team's specialized knowledge of local tariffs, climate levies, and energy-related taxes optimizes our clients' energy expenditures and routinely results in significant cost recoveries. Moreover, we support our clients by monitoring legislative developments and compliance with current rules and regulations.

We provide clients support in carrying out energy audits under Article 8 of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED Article 8), purchasing green energy, and support in organizing on and off-site power purchasing agreements (PPAs) and virtual power purchasing agreements (VPPAs).

Our focus is to improve client's operational, financial, and environmental performance from transformational energy management and sustainability solutions.