NUS Consulting is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your information. Protecting the confidentiality and security of your information has always been an integral part of how we conduct our business worldwide.

How Do We Collect Information?

NUS Consulting collects information about you through (i) inquiry forms you have submitted on our website or (ii) information you have submitted offline or as part of the purchase of services.

How Do We Use Cookies?

NUS Consulting utilizes purely functional cookies on our website in order to prevent spam - these cookies do not gather any personal information.

How Do We Use Analytics?

Our analytics platform is a privacy compliant system that does not use any fingerprinting algorithms or collect any personal information.

How Do We Use Information?

NUS Consulting may use the information above for the following purposes: (i) to improve the website content and performance; (ii) to estimate audience size and usage; or (iii) to perform the contracted or requested services.