Country Energy Reports

Country Energy Reports
Economics, politics, infrastructure and the availability of natural resources are some of the many elements that shape a country’s energy market. Keeping track of a country’s energy price trends, regulatory updates, and carbon reporting requirements is a resource intensive endeavor. Consequently, NUS publishes monthly country-specific energy reports to keep businesses informed of energy market developments at the national level.

South Africa Energy Market Report – September 2018

​Electricity: Coal supply crisis: Eskom (state-owned electricity utility) has only 20 days’ coal supply at 10 of its 15 power stations fearing that South Africa may enter another round of […]

South Africa Energy Market Report – August 2018

​Electricity: The Integrated Resource Plan 2018 released by South Africa’s Energy Minister during August 2018 has give 60 days for public comment, after which it will be sent to Cabinet […]

South Africa Energy Market Report – July 2018

​Electricity: The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) 2018 summit was held in Johannesburg at the end of July. The summit supported the diversification of its energy mix […]

South Africa Energy Market Report – June 2018

​Electricity: The International Renewable Energy Agency’s (Irena) confirmed that renewable energy and energy efficiency can provide over 90% of the energy-related carbon emission reductions required to keep global temperature rise […]

South Africa Energy Market Report – May 2018

Electricity: Coal remains the dominant source of fuel for power generation in South Africa; accounting for about 89% of the country’s primary energy consumption. However, with significant additional generation capacity […]

South Africa Energy Market Report – April 2018

Electricity: South Africa welcomes a new dawn with the approved construction of 27 Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers (IPP). With a combined investment value of R56 billion and added capacity […]