Country Energy Reports

Country Energy Reports
Economics, politics, infrastructure and the availability of natural resources are some of the many elements that shape a country’s energy market. Keeping track of a country’s energy price trends, regulatory updates, and carbon reporting requirements is a resource intensive endeavor. Consequently, NUS publishes monthly country-specific energy reports to keep businesses informed of energy market developments at the national level.

UK Energy Market Report – September 2018

Overview: This month we have decided to focus on the bull run in gas and power pricing which has affected most of the European energy markets including the UK. As […]

UK Energy Market Report – July 2018

​Oil: There was significant volatility in oil prices last month in the run-up to the meeting between OPEC and Non OPEC members on 22-23rd June. The announcement of an increase […]

UK Energy Market Report – March 2018

​Comment: The cold snap that both the UK and Europe has suffered just as we were beginning to come out of the (supposed!) worst of the winter period, has served […]

UK Energy Market Report – February 2018

Comment: The recent turmoil in the global equities market has spilled over into commodities with the retracement in oil prices (see below) being further affected by the general sell-off as […]

UK Energy Market Report – January 2018

Comment: As we welcome 2018, amid global stock markets on a record high, stop-start Brexit talks, tensions between the US and North Korea and a bitcoin bubble, the past year […]

UK Energy Market Report – December 2017

Oil: The announcement by OPEC and non OPEC allies that they had agreed to extend oil production cuts of 1.8 million bbls/d until the end of 2018, was not unexpected […]