News Flash Service

News Flash Service
National and global events such as energy policy, politics, geopolitics, and monetary policy have an effect on energy prices. NUS provides clients with a News Flash service which provides commentary on current events and their short and long term impact on energy prices. News Flashes are issued whenever a significant event, whether local or global, influences energy markets.

Market Rebalancing? July 25, 2017

Today, both OPEC and non-OPEC ministers met in St. Petersburg to review overall compliance concerning their agreement to reduce crude production. This meeting (like all meetings) was viewed as being […]

OPEC Meeting Preview May 23, 2017

The long-anticipated OPEC meeting to address the possible extension of the OPEC/non-OPEC production cut agreement concluded last November will finally take place this week in Vienna. Over the past several […]

OPEC Extension April 21, 2017

In our last News Flash entitled “Increased Volatility Ahead” we concluded by stating – “we suspect that in the coming weeks/months we will see an elevated level of volatility as […]

Increased Volatility Ahead February 27, 2017

OPEC’s agreement to curtail production in late November immediately boosted crude oil prices. Over the past months, both WTI and Brent have traded in a fairly narrow band – in […]

Looking at 2017 January 9, 2017

At the start of a new year, it is worthwhile to look back at the decisive events that impacted energy markets. It is incontestable that 2016 was an extraordinary year […]

Did OPEC Cut? November 30, 2016

Today OPEC members met in Vienna. The meeting took on an elevated level of importance due to the statement issued by OPEC in its most recent gathering agreeing in principle […]