News Flash Service

News Flash Service
National and global events such as energy policy, politics, geopolitics, and monetary policy have an effect on energy prices. NUS provides clients with a News Flash service which provides commentary on current events and their short and long term impact on energy prices. News Flashes are issued whenever a significant event, whether local or global, influences energy markets.

Trump Wins November 17, 2016

Last week the world watched as the US held its presidential elections. For months, the news media and political analysts (as well as the polls) indicated that Hillary Clinton would […]

OPEC Freeze? September 29, 2016

Today OPEC ministers concluded a two-day meeting in Algeria. The weeks leading up to the meeting were filled with rumors that OPEC was close to agreeing a production freeze. As […]

Fundamentals Matter August 9, 2016

After breaking above $50 per barrel at the end of June, crude oil prices have slid approximately 20 percent to slightly above $40 per barrel. As noted in our market […]

Research Brief – UK Government Energy Policy July 25, 2016

On Wednesday 14th July Theresa May was appointed Prime Minister by the Queen following the resignation of David Cameron. Over the last few days there has been a Cabinet reshuffle […]

Research Brief – Rough Storage July 22, 2016

Centrica’s Rough Storage is the UK’s main gas storage facility and accounts for approximately 70% of the total storage volume across the country. In comparison with our continental neighbours, the […]

Brexit June 28, 2016

​Last Thursday citizens of the United Kingdom went to the polls to vote on whether to remain within the European Union. The polls indicated the referendum was going to be […]