Posted: Dec. 01st 2018

France Energy Market Report – December 2018


November electricity prices decreased.

Cal 19 Baseload and Peakload traded at a low of 53.12 €/MWh and 68.35 €/MWh respectively, yet peaked at 58.36 €/MWh and 73.28 €/MWh respectively.

The Commission for Electricity Regulation (CRE) has published on 29 November the results of Arenh volume asked for 2019.

The requests amount to 132,93 TWh allocated between 69 suppliers for a ceiling set at 100 TWh.

For 2019, The CRE announced a reduction of all ARENH contract’s ARENH allocation, he has provided the rate of reduction as being 24.8 %.

Natural Gas:

In November, market prices had average monthly decrease of 1.77 €/MWH on the CAL 19 and of 1.46 €/MWh on the CAL 20 .

Average daily prices for CAL 19 traded at 22.97 €/MWh, falling to a low of 22.31 €/MWh and reaching a high of 24.09 €/MWh.

Average daily prices for CAL 20 traded at 21.08 €/MWh, with a low of 20.46 €/MWh and a high of 22.03 €/MWh.

In the regulated prices, prices on 1st December 2018 change and will represent a decrease in order of 2.35%.

Crude Oil:

In November, Brent pricing traded higher – the crude benchmark opened the month at 72.71 $/bbl, then closed lower, at 59.10 $/bbl.

Brent maintained an average daily price of 65.86 $/bbl in November, hitting a low of 58.57 $/bbl and reaching a high of 72.71 $/bbl.



France Energy Market Report – December 2018