An energy bill’s largest component is non-energy related costs.

In regulated markets, tariffs determine your entire energy bill. In deregulated markets, network charges and non-energy costs make up anywhere between 50 and 70 percent of your energy bill. Managing these costs is difficult because most local utilities offer a variety of different tariffs and both tariffs and non-energy charges are constantly changing. Analysis and Optimization Graphic There are no laws requiring a utility to offer you the most cost-effective rate option or to inform you that a facility is eligible for an exemption for all, or part, of certain non-energy charges. NUS’s Analysis and Optimization services ensure you are not overpaying for your energy requirements. As part of this service, experienced rate analysts assess all applicable rate options offered by the local utility. Where more cost-effective options are available they are identified, ranked (by savings and suitability) and, with your approval, implemented. In addition, all non-energy charges are reviewed to identify opportunities to reduce, or eliminate, these additional costs. Our Analysis and Optimization service provides businesses quantifiable and long-term energy cost savings.