Accurate budgets are a necessity.

In the past, energy budgeting was a simple affair – increase last year’s annual cost by some agreed percentage and job done. For many years this simple (albeit inexact) approach yielded results that satisfies most businesses’ requirements. Budgeting and Tracking Graphic Market deregulation and rising price volatility have rendered this approach obsolete. In short, close enough is no longer good enough. As an organization’s sourcing and risk management strategies become more sophisticated, so must its budgeting and tracking processes. To help businesses meet this challenge, NUS provides Budgeting and Tracking services. We start the process by modeling your energy consumption – reviewing past consumption levels and making operational and non-operational adjustments. The projected consumption is applied to your tariffs (adjusted for recorded modifications), hedged energy purchases, unhedged positions as well as other applicable non-energy charges. In short, NUS constructs a site-by-site and commodity-by-commodity forecast of your organization’s total annual costs. Once we have constructed your annual budget, we track each site’s progress on a month-by-month basis and highlight any variances against budget, identifying their source – i.e., consumption, unit price or non-energy cost component.