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Invoicing & Data

The foundation of any energy management and sustainability initiative is a complete and accurate energy database.

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Rate Analysis & Optimization

Non-commodity costs are expanding, rate analysis provides valuable and actionable insight to reduce these charges and improve budget visibility.

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Energy Procurement

A detailed and tactically-timed energy tender will generate substantial savings.

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Risk & Portfolio Management

Flexible contracts allow greater commodity price control but increased consumer responsibility and engagement – we can help you optimize this opportunity.

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Budgeting & Reporting

Detailed and accurate energy budgets are essential to the success of your operations, financial, and environmental teams.

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Energy Audits

Identify inefficient areas of your business and strategies to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

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Market Analysis & Intelligence

Energy markets are continuously evolving – how do you stay current?

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Quick Procurement Service (QPS)

Expedited energy tendering service can help your business avoid supply contract expiration or unfavorable pricing renewal.

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Energy Information System 〈EiS〉

Unleash powerful energy data across your organization to achieve your energy management and sustainability goals.

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Net-Zero Consulting

Develop and implement a detailed strategy to achieve your carbon emissions reduction milestones and targets.

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Strategic Risk Management

Implement a documented strategic energy risk management plan specifically designed for your organization.

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Carbon Neutral

You have finally set a carbon emissions target – we can build and implement a detailed plan to achieve it.