An accurate and complete energy database is the cornerstone of any energy cost management and sustainability program. Building and maintaining a database containing your energy invoice data is the initial challenge – Invoicing and Data. The subsequent challenge is coding and deploying an intelligent and easy-to-use Energy Information System (EiS), providing various stakeholders and departments seamless access to this valuable information. Moreover, the system needs to be intuitive, secure, and provide powerful reporting and analytical tools.

In short, an EiS system should unlock the value of your energy database so that stakeholders in any department - accounts, real estate, procurement, engineering, or sustainability can easily share and leverage data to drive and achieve an organization's overall energy policies and objectives.

NUS Consulting Group understands that developing a scalable and flexible system is expensive and resource-intensive. Moreover, the expertise required to build a system is typically not a core competency for most organizations. This is why we developed NUSdirect – our industry-leading EiS system currently being used by several of the world's largest businesses. Some of NUSdirect's key features include -

  • Customizable User Dashboard and System Preferences
  • Five Languages Supported (English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German)
  • Intuitive Interface and Initial User Training
  • Definable User Access Controls
  • Data Quality Assurance Algorithms
  • Invoice Data Capture with Audit Trail to Image
  • Powerful Reporting and Analytical Tools
  • Data Drill Down for Quick Report Deep-Dives
  • Dynamic Report System (DRS) Module
  • Interval Meter Data Storage and Access
  • Supply Contract Storage and Access
  • ISAE-3402/SSAE18 (SOC1-Type II) Certified
  • Automatic System Failover / Colocation Support
  • "Strong" Password/Automatic User Lock
  • Flexible Carbon Emission Tracking and Reporting Module
  • Detailed Budgeting Tracking and Reporting System

NUS Consulting Group’s Invoicing and Data services combined with NUSdirect provides organizations with the necessary information and tools to unlock and leverage their energy data to optimize their energy management and sustainability programs. Energy data and the ability to access and share this information are critical to controlling energy costs, complying with regulations, and measuring progress against sustainability targets such as the RE100, Net Zero, or internal sustainability goals.

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