Organizations around the world are under immense pressure to control annual energy costs and achieve sustainability commitments included in their ESG policies. Although these are two very different missions, their workstreams have a common starting point. Both require the development and maintenance of a comprehensive, detailed, and accurate database of your organization's historic, current, and future energy invoice data.

Your energy database is the foundation for your energy management and sustainability project's success. Without it, your initiatives will remain mere talking points, never making a real operational, financial, or environmental impact on your organization.

In building your annual energy cost management strategy, readily accessible and accurate energy invoice data enables you to efficiently implement critical initiatives, including invoice validation, rate analysis, procurement, and budgeting.

An accurate and current energy database allows you to develop a comprehensive carbon emissions benchmark, track changes in your carbon footprint, accurately report progress against your targets, and comply with government regulations and voluntary disclosure platforms.

In assessing energy database solutions, it is important to recognize that not all databases are equal. Some capture only limited energy invoice data points and lack essential data quality assurance (QA) and cleansing processes.

NUS has built the IT systems, personnel, and expertise to quickly and efficiently develop and maintain your energy invoice database. Our solution captures all critical information from your energy invoices, including pdf images, and employs advanced data QA and cleansing processes. Moreover, our solution is scalable and works for an individual country, a geographic region, or globally. Today, we process over 1 million energy invoices per year from over 60 different countries.